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C. A. Hilgartner, MD

As many people have by now recognized, the currently dominant world culture -- what we commonly call “civilization” -- races faster and faster towards self-destruction and, perhaps, pan-biocide. Some of these people have, over the decades, made extensive and expensive efforts to halt and reverse this deadly trend. So far, they have failed.

Over fifty years ago, I began unraveling the fundamental theoretical errors which, as it seemed to me, form the basis for the way our culture obsessively pursues species suicide and extinction. Eventually, I disclosed hidden, unsuspected, untenable assumptions encoded in our languages -- specifically, in the grammar common to the discursive languages of the western Indo-European (WIE) family. And that means, encoded in our linguistic specializations (sub-languages) -- the WIE logics, mathematics, sciences, philosophies, jurisprudences, religions, etc.

The difficulty here seems pernicious: for even those who have noticed that we court species suicide still base their awareness, their analysis, their proposed remedies, and the ways they implement their remedies, on the lethal hidden assumptions which led us into our survival-crisis in the first place.

Having disclosed those untenable assumptions, I found ways to reject and replace them.

What I have done so far gives no definitive solutions to our survival crisis. I have disclosed some untenable assumptions and some fundamental errors that follow from relying on them; and may have opened up a way to reject and replace them. If others make use of the opening I have provided, I see reasons to believe that we may find ways to avert the extinctions with which we threaten ourselves-and-other-organisms.

I intend, before I die, to have initiated a self-sustaining social chain-reaction sufficiently powerful to eliminate these untenable assumptions from the premises on which we operate and so to enable us to discard our lethal errors. It appears to me that we humans have only a short time left in which to generate viable, sustainable, life-affirming ways of human living, and thereby to avert the extinctions which so far appear inevitable.

I invite you to join me in this work.