Our Meetings

Lawrence, KS Community Group
Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS)

We meet monthly:

7 pm
Fourth Thursdays
Independence, Inc.*
2001 Haskell
Lawrence, KS

However, the time and place varies from time to time, depending on circumstances. From time to time, we meet at different times and places to take advantage of visiting speakers or investigators. Routinely, we join our sister SEEM group the first Tuesday of July for a picnic and report from those who have attended the annual June meeting of ISSSEEM. Also, our first Tuesday of December meeting is a pot-luck with the SEEM folks. These meetings are on the second Tuesdays.

You don't need an invitation to attend any of our meetings. Just show up.

Our meetings are announced by email. If you would like your edress on our distribution list, or if you want information about particular meetings, email Don Watson.

If you're also interested in the Lawrence exploration group of ISSSEEM, email Rita Lucas.

*Independence, Inc. is dedicated to preserve, enhance, and enrich the quality of life for all people with disabilities. We are very grateful to these folks for their generosity in providing this excellent meeting place free of charge.

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