Expressions of High-Order Enformation

Contributed by M. Reza Khalesi

Whatever we think of, becomes created, and becomes part of the existing reality. In this sense, we extend and expand space-time. When we first thought of "part", part was created, and became "part" of our reality. We can ignore it of course, but itís there! The same with every other concept.

And now, as with the relationship of "part" with "whole", thereís a range of possibilities. According to EPR and the "Bellís Theorem", no relationship, or a lack of relationship is impossible. At the deepest levels, every thing is deeply related. So, all there is, is in relation with all there is. How related, is a question of measurement, but unnecessary, most of the time. If the whole universe is manifested even in a particle, then the whole spatial content is as big as a particle; and if all time, is manifested in a smallest fraction of a second, then eternity is pulsing with the heart beat of every related soul, or SELF, as viewed in "enformy". Thus, we may even say that parts and wholes are identical. Parts are wholes and wholes are parts.


If there are elemental entities responsible for the enformation of any enformed system, each element in itself is a whole. The whole is emerging with the increasing enformation. These elements (SELFs), each one of them being a unique living personality with an identity of itself while giving form to “energy”, is what makes “Enformy” a beautiful and deeply respectable phenomena (phenomenon, is better said!).

My mind, due to some atomistic habits, may think and perceive of the elemental entities as single entities each contributing to the constitution of the whole, but, I guess I should train my mind to perceive of these entities as otherwise!

Reza Khalesi

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             Becoming from Nothing

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   Brightness, I, Flower, Water

   by the Persian artist and poet Sohrab Sepehri,
   translated by Reza Khalesi to celebrate the 100th
   anniversary of Ludwig von Bertalanffy's birth.
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   A Love Song Dedicated to the
  Glorious Court of Enformy

  by Shams-oddin Mohammad Hafez Shirazi
  (14th –15th Century).
  Translation: M. Reza Khalesi
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Seas of Light, Seas of LotusÖ

by M. Reza Khalesi

as experienced by the coast of the North Sea
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Flying Enformation