A Love Song Dedicated to the Glorious Court of Enformy


Shams-oddin Mohammad Hafez Shirazi (14th –15th Century)

Translation: M. Reza Khalesi

Illuminated by the gleam of your visage, is no glance, that is not;

Indebted to the dust of your court, is no sight, that is not.

Spectators of your visage are only the connoisseurs, but

Mysteries of your ringlet is in no head, that is not.

So that from the breeze, laps of your garment is not dusted;

Overwhelmed, in my view, is no passer-by, that is not.

So that they do not speak everywhere of the night of the tip of your lock of hair;

In discourse with Zephyrus, there’s no twilight that, I’m not.

From the coyness of your sweet lips, oh, fortune of joyful drinking!

Drowned in water and sweat, there’s no sugar, that is not.

If my tale-bearing tears were turned out red, no wonder!

Embarrassed of one’s own deed, there’s no slanderer, that is not.

I’m in agony due to this frenzy fortune of mine, otherwise;

Fortunate of your court, there’s no other one, that is not!

It’s not prudent that secrets are disclosed; otherwise;

In the assembly of the libertines, there’s no novelty, that is not.

Lions, in the prairie of your love, turn into foxes;

Ah of this path in which, there’s no danger, that is not!

From existence, this much name and particulars I have;

Otherwise, there, of weakness, there’s no trace, that is not.

My tears upon which, there’s the indebtedness to the dust of your court;

Under its sheer indebtedness, there’s no dust of any court, that is not.

Except for this point that Hafez is discontented with you;

In all over your existence, there is no artfulness, that is not!