How to Start a Union
(in five easy steps)

Planned Obsolescence Of Man
 Congressman Fortney H. (Pete) Stark

 [then running for Congress]

 The Sense of Security
   Planned Obsolescence  Conditions Changing  Catastrophic Unemployment
 Prediction: Scientists Will Organize To Fight Layoffs
[The INDEPENDENT, March 30, 1973]
 Rad Lab Professionals Organize
[The INDEPENDENT, May 25, 1973]
Cloud at A-Lab—1st Scientist Union
 By Norman Melnick
 Science Writer
 [San Francisco Examiner, 6/18/73]
   Important Changes  Organized As Society

 "Over 100"

He said "over 100" members of the professional staff, of a total of 1800, had signed up as members of the union "and we expect this to quadruple very quickly.

The lab employs 5330 people. Watson and his cohorts are aiming to:

Open lines of communication with the UC regents who, it is said, have "largely ignored" the lab and have traditionally deferred decision-makng to the AEC. University policies govern hiring and firing at the lab, as well as salary levels.

Establish more definite guidelines on the conduct of research. Here some of the are motivation, expectation, consultation with and feedback from the management "without sacrificing scientific integrity or free inquiry."

Watson said the lab's top management had "withdrawn from the professionals, causing a strong management-staff polarization. . . . We have largely lost the healthy free communication of ideas which used to be the rule at the lab."

"No Resolution"

Seismologist James Hannon said: "Right now, when you submit an idea, you sometimes don't hear back, or there is a vague outcome. There is no resolution.

"The work we do here is a major part of our lives. We should have some significant input and response in the way this part of our lives is run."

"Most of us feel that what we do is important, and we just want to get on with it," said George Michael, a computer scientist and a member of the society's steering committee.

But the most compelling reason for organizing a union was the reduction of force (RIF, it is called) at the lab earlier this year.

This, the third RIF in three years, drew a terrific backlash.

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